Thursday, September 4, 2014

Frozen (Warning! Spoilers!)

Includes spoilers. Don't read if you haven't watched Frozen

I finally watched Frozen and here are my thoughts about it.


There’s the king and queen and their two daughters. One is born with powers where she can produce ice, snow and frost as she wants. The sisters are close and enjoy playing in the snow, until one day Elsa, the one with powers, accidentally hits her younger sister with ice.

Anna now has ice in her and the parents, following advice from trolls, lock Elsa up in a room. Anna’s memory of her days with Elsa are erased from her memory but she keeps singing to her sister to please come and play. The parents are then killed in sea and Anna feels lonelier than ever.

Everything turns upside down on Elsa’s coronation day, when Elsa has to keep her powers under control or risk having people finding out about her powers.

Then the sister meets Hans, a prince and they decide to get married. Elsa and Anna fight when Elsa does not approve of the marriage and during the argument, Elsa accidentally uses her powers, everyone finds out and she runs away. However, she leaves the Kingdom of Arendelle with a cold, cold winter.

While everyone freezes to death, Anna leaves Hans in charge and goes off behind Elsa. She then meets Kristoff and Sven, an iceman and his reindeer. So the three then go off to North Mountain, where Elsa has built her own snow castle. Here they meet Elsa’s creation, Olaf the snowman who wants to know what summer is like.

They meet Elsa, who tells them to leave. Another argument results in Elsa (accidentally, again) shooting ice at her sister and Anna’s heart starts freezing.

Its said that only true love can thaw a frozen heart so the group goes back to Arendelle since that’s where Hans is. Hans pretends to help but then leaves Anna in a cold room, hoping she would die. He also tells everyone she died and that they got married right before, thus making him the new king. Elsa is also imprisoned. Olaf helps Anna, Kristoff comes back for Anna but Anna turns into ice and then Elsa hugs her and cries and Anna turns back to normal because true love need not be of the romantic sort and then Anna and Kristoff fall in love and Olaf doesn’t melt away and Hans is imprisoned and everyone lives happily ever after. THE END.

What does Frozen tell us?

Its okay to want to get married to a man you just met and if your elder sister disapproves its okay to just shout at her because older sisters ALWAYS overreact and falling in love with a stranger is totally normal.

Wearing gloves is enough to keep your extremely strong powers hidden from the world.

 Oh so totally acceptable to go on a road trip with a man you just met. So girls, the next time your parents don’t allow you to go out with a boy, tell them to watch Frozen (or any Disney movie, really). And yes, he will risk his life for some rope, hammer and carrots and not do any harm to you.

Sharing food with animals is not at all unhygienic. We see Kristoff take a bite off the carrot his reindeer just ate and not once does he even have an upset tummy

Talking about food, you can go for days without food and not die. But your reindeer needs food. I mean, what was Elsa hoping to eat? Snow?

 Wear dresses whenever possible ‘cause it’s okay when this happens

Don’t worry about backstabbers or villains ‘cause they don’t beat around the bush and just, within two seconds of confronting them, admit they had ulterior motives.

LISTEN TO MOSS COVERED ROCKS! No, you aren’t imagining anything, those rocks are actually talking to you. Listen to them!

“Some people are worth melting for.” So prove yourself by going to the Sun. Melt away!
(also, chocolate, I now understand what you’ve been doing all this time)

Always listen to the snowman ‘cause he’ll give you the best advice on love. Trust him and everything will be okay.

Those environmentalists are lying 'cause this kind of this doesn't seem to be affecting Arendelle that much

Other thoughts on Frozen

Will not be watching it again.
Let it Go, the famous Frozen song, sounds like its sung by someone with a terrible cold. I guess, you need to let it go when it comes to those sneezes!

The characters aren’t that... close to your heart, except maybe Sven.

Things happen too fast (Finding Elsa, Hans turning out to be the bad guy, Anna coming back to life)

Even though Arendelle has its icemen, the kingdom and mountains behind it are green and not covered in ice. So where do these icemen find ice?
And why is Kristoff so excited about seeing a trail of ice?

At least they are honest about how we look when we wake up in the morning

One thing I loved about Frozen is that Anna doesn't stop being frozen when Kristoff comes to her. Instead it's Elsa's love that makes her thaw. This makes Frozen different from other movies where everything gets better with a kiss. However, I would have loved it more if Kristoff just remained friends. I mean, must they always fall in love?